Database Solutions

List Monetization

We offer advanced monetization solutions for your databases.

We identify new opportunities and manage databases by analyzing analytics and conversion results and optimizing their performances. Data monetization takes place on two sides: data providers and data purchasers. We play the role of mediator between the two, ensuring that all parties achieve maximum results.

guys building analytics

Database Management

Our technical team can take care of the complete management of your databases and the delivery rate of your email marketing campaigns.

What can we do for your data? Database solutions and support for:

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Archiving and partitioning
  • Storage and planning of storage capacity
  • Monitoring and setting up
  • Masking and withdrawal
  • Replication
two guys doing data cleansing

Database Cleaning

We investigate your data tables by detecting invalid records, discovering and correcting or deleting incorrect data.

This process will allow you to identify incomplete, abnormal, inaccurate, irrelevant data, etc. and therefore replace, modify or delete such “dirty” data, which are superfluous for your activities. We also developed a couple of tools that might be useful.

two guys doing data cleansing

Database Building

We build your database from scratch, offering you specific tools and channels to create your traffic.

We program custom CRMs for the management of your data and solutions for their optimal organization.