Clean data is a key asset in the market

From experience, we know  that a database can have up to 30% of invaid data.


More than 8 years in the market


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Improve your KPIs is our objective

Data cleansing made simple. Quickly and easily remove data that may distort your results

So we clean and test, and you get trustable data

We receive your Database

Remove the
invalid data

Execute a data quality

Compare agaisnt our platform

You receive and monetize


We shared the obtained results with you. So you can know by first hand:
  • Hardbounces
  • Seed data
  • Invalid data
  • Trap
  • Duplicates
  • Mole
  • Role
  • Parked resources
  • Key
  • Proxies / bots
  • Quarantine

Investing in data

You win money

Improve your KPIs is our objective

Quality double check with Impression Wise

Customer satisfaction before cash

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Cleansing with our own tool

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